9 Tips from La Auto Craft on How to Clean Headlights

Car headlights can get foggy, cloudy, and dirty over time. Do you know how to clean headlights? If you’re looking for ways to make your car look like new again, then it might be time to clean the headlights. La Auto Craft is here to help with 9 tips on how to make your headlights shine like new.

Baking Soda

A baking soda paste is an excellent way to how to clean headlights without using abrasive chemicals. Simply mix together baking soda and water until it forms a thick paste, then apply it directly to the headlights and gently scrub away the dirt and grime. Rinse off the paste when finished and dry with a microfiber cloth.


Toothpaste is another great option for how to clean headlights. Apply toothpaste directly onto a soft cloth or sponge and use in circular motions on the headlight lenses until they’re fully covered. Once finished, rinse off with warm water and dry with a microfiber cloth.


Vinegar has long been used as a natural cleaning agent due to its acidic properties, which makes it perfect for cutting through grease and grime that accumulates on headlight lenses over time. Soak a paper towel or rag in white vinegar before laying it over the headlight lens for several minutes before wiping off any remaining residue with a clean rag or towel. Easy and affordable solution for “how to clean headlights”.

Rubbing Alcohol

Rubbing alcohol is another good option for “how to clean headlights” because of its strong solvent properties that help break down dirt and debris that can accumulate on the lens surface over time. Simply pour rubbing alcohol onto a paper towel or rag and use in circular motions on both sides of the lens until all dirt has been removed, then rinse off any leftover residue with warm water before drying them off completely with a microfiber cloth or towel.

Car Wax

If you want an extra layer of protection against UV damage, then consider applying car wax after cleaning your headlights with one of the other methods mentioned above (baking soda paste, toothpaste, etc.). This will help repel water droplets so your headlights stay cleaner longer between washes as well as protect them from fading caused by UV rays from sunlight exposure.

Cover Headlights With Plastic Wrap

If you’re worried about getting too aggressive with one of the other methods mentioned above (baking soda paste, vinegar, etc.), then consider covering each headlight lens with plastic wrap before tackling them – this will help ensure that no matter how hard you scrub there won’t be any lasting damage done!

Wipe Headlights Down After Every Wash

Finally don’t forget to wipe down each light after every wash – this will help remove any lingering soap residue.

Invest In A Restoration Kit

If you want quick results consider investing in a headlight restoration kit available online  – these kits typically include everything necessary including sandpaper grits & polishing compounds.

How to Clean Headlights Professionally

LA Auto Craft is a professional collision center and headlight restoration service provider in North Hollywood, CA. For those looking to how restore headlights to that like-new shine, La Auto Craft offers the perfect solution. Not only do we have all of the tools and supplies necessary for headlight restoration projects, but we also offer special coupons to help make our services even more affordable. With our top-notch customer service and highly competitive prices, La Auto Craft is dedicated to helping drivers save money while restoring their vehicles so that they look good as new again!

Keeping your car’s headlights clean is essential if you want them looking like new again—and La Auto Craft has got you covered! We’ve outlined 9 easy tips how to cleanse headlights and restore their clarity quickly and effectively! So why wait any longer? Get started now so that your vehicle looks its best once again in no time flat! Good luck!

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