How often can I expect to hear about the status of my car's repairs?

As often as you like, before the repair process begins our company discusses your preferences for updates.

Do I need to notify my insurance company before repairs are started?

Yes, you need to notify your insurance company before the repairs for their approval.

When it comes time to fix a car, how do you know how long it will take?

Time to fix a car is determined by how much work you put into it. Each vehicle will have its own way of being fixed and some parts might not be available nearby. If that ever happens, we’ll figure out how to get the part from wherever it is needed in the shortest amount of time possible.

What day/time works best for you?

LA Auto Craft is open for business most Saturdays and weekdays from 9 am until 6 pm, but if you’re having trouble with anything outside of those hours, feel free to give us a call or make an appointment.

I want to know if car body/frame damage can be fixed?

If the frame is still solid, then we should be able to fix it. However, please keep in mind that when serious damage has been done, a frame component section or replacement might be required.

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UP TO 15% off Hail Damage Repair
Hail Damage Repair
UP TO 25% off Minor Damage & Major Accidents
Minor Damage & Major Accidents
UP TO 10% off Dent Repair
Dent Repair
UP TO 10% off Polish and Wax
Polish and Wax
UP TO 10% off Headlight Restorations
Headlight Restorations
UP TO 25% off Auto Body and Frame Work
Auto Body and Frame Work
UP TO 20% off Glass Repair
Glass Repair

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